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Sorry for the simplicity of my question, just signed up to the mailing list. †I have a custom solution that Iím trying to spec out looking for suggestions.† Hoping someone finds this interesting enough to respond.

Iíve been pouring over embedded technology, then came across this gumstix gemÖ

Can anyone recommend hardware to use with the following requirements.† In (brackes are my guesses at the hardware I need)

Battery Powered (battery board gumstick available?)

The gumstix can be powered with batteries.

Dual Gig or 10/100 NIC (Two NIC boards)

You' dhave to have some custom hardware, as currently I only know of one ethernet port being used. Using the sms911 device a 10/100 ethernet controller.

Running Linux 2.6 †(Standard?)

Most systems can run linux 2.6 , it's mostly a matter of which distribution you are using and whether or not it has been built targetted to your chosen platform.

I think I need a relay board, do they exist?

There are a lot of devices out there that can be used to drive a relay. You likely can not drive one directly, but it depends on what the relay expects in terms of a signal to activate it.

Enough processing power to run a packet sniffer and capture everything but not kill the batteries in 10 minutes.

That depends entirely on the batteries. Wanna do this with a coin cell? forget it. wanna do this with a car battery? you can likely run it for a few hundred hours without issue.† the gumstix take something like.. what.. 2 watts?† that's not a whole lot of power required. it goes up if you add a display, and other periphery.

Enough memory - how much memory is available for maximum upgrade? Ring buffer running packet sniffer capturing all network data over time.

The overo uses part on part for the memory, which means you are limited to what the part that sits on top of the cpu is actually capable of.† In this case, 256mbytes of ram, 256mbytes of nand flash. If you want to save stuff to sd card, you can buffer a few gig onto there.

Any input or feedback would be appreciated.




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