In general,
if you have the module compiled for your kernel, then you just need to "insmod module.ko" and it will be installed. it is then available for applications to call into.

If you do not have the module compiled, then you need to compile it and do the above.

If you wish for it to be a part of your kernel as a static module, then you need to run menuconfig, and then you need to get bitbake to build it. That in itself is a bit involved in that it requires you create a user.collections/recipes/linux/.... directory and put the appropriate kernel recipes in there along with all the patches and the configuration file that you created with a menuconfig.. in other words, you have a nice steep learning curve to slough through. :)


On Fri, Aug 28, 2009 at 11:56 AM, seethoo <> wrote:


I need the Prolific pl2303 driver for my USB-Serial adaptor which is
supposed to be already in the Linux kernel.
How do I enable it?  What's the general method to enable a module?

Thank you.
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