So I managed to get vlc built over the weekend.
I first rebuilt the destop omap3 image, then I built vlc. Of course, after having built vlc, it was not in teh rootfs of the kernel image I had built.   No problem, I'll just do a rebuild of desktop image..
uhm.. probably the wrong thing to have done as it is now apparently rebuilding everything. i'll just let it go until it's done, however, I do wonder if there is a recipe to actually build JUST the rootfs of the overo.

Or, to phrase my question a bit more concisely.

1) Once I have some package built that I want to include in the rootfs, how do I bitbake it into the rootfs so that I can then load that onto the mmc card?

and alternatively

2) When building some package like vlc or my_custom_app,  should the package I am building just, as part of its build, install it into the rootfs?  Or should that be a seperate step?



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