Hello there folks.

I havve managed to get the bitbake recipes for building an over linux kernal image to work fo rme, but now I am in need of configuring the kernel to suite my own particular needs.  Now to the question....

Is there, somwhere, a step by step for getting the newly configured linux kernel to compile and generate an image for me? When I run bit bake for linux-omap3-2.6.30  it claims it does not have anything to do.

I have read that I need to create a user.collection directory to put my own recipe into, aand then from there I have read a few other things that need to be done, however, I'm not clear on what I copy from where to where to get this to work for me.  For example, I read this...


But I'm not exactly sure if I'm copying the entire linux directory? and I'm not sure where the destination for these various files should actually be. 

Any pointer to a wiki entry that dettails this or perhaps a forum posting that details this would be greatly apprecitated. Thanks guys!


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