I am starting off new with gumstix so sorry if this is a dumb question, but I can't seem to find anything about it online.  I have gumstix configured with a static IP for the usb interface so when I turn it on and plug into a USB port on a Linux PC , the network connection works fine and I can access the gumstix webpage.  When I reboot the gumstix (hard or soft), I can see on the Linux PC using lsusb that the device has gone away, ifconfig shows the usb0 interface is gone too.  After the gumstix boots, the usb0 interface on the PC side comes back and lsusb correctly shows the Gumstix as a RNDIS Gadget.  The usb0 interface on the gumstix also starts up properly.  At this time everything looks right, but I can't send traffic between these two interfaces.  I have to physically unplug the usb cable and replug the cable before the network connection will work properly.  What I don't understand is what is different between rebooting the gumstix and physically disconnecting the USB cable?  I would really like to restart the device remotely without having physical access to it.  Any thoughts on where to look to solve this?  Thanks!