What was proposed below was actually what caused me the problem in the first place. I created the bootable micro SD card and put the corresponding script on it so that I could write a new image to the onboard nand. When I did this the script ran for about 30 minutes and the failed saying something about a garbage collection error. The script did however manage to erase the u-boot, uImage and filesystem from the nand so now whenever I start the gumstix I cannot boot anything without getting a kernel panic message.

I still have the micro SD card ready to go and in the gumstix. Is there a way to tell the gumstix to run the micro SD card from the console command line before the gumstix tries to boot?

 - Mike

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> I managed to wipe out all of my nand memory and therefore have no way to
> boot my overo gumstix. Has anyone manually move the u-boot, filesystem, etc
> into the nand memory on their gumstix. Any help would be appreciated.

The link to this article from the "Setup and Programming" page on the
gumstix site isn't working, so here is the direct link:


You need to do this first:


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