I was refered here by a friend at school, he suggested I get a gumstix insted of a "HandyBoard". I have been looking around on the wiki and am still not sure which board will suit me best. I am planing on using it to control small robots with dc motors/servos, and various other sensors. I would like to have something that can expand with me as I learn so I feel that spending more now on a board that is more capabale will be money well spent. I would also like to learn some of the other capabilities the gumstix has so if there is a board that will do both that would be great.

Here is what I was thinking about getting:
-basix or connex 400xm (I dont know the difference between   these)
-robostix expansion board

I am not sure what else I will need and would appreciate any help I can get. Also will having the faster processor be worth it to me? I was also looking at the waysmall computers and was wondering if this might be a better choice than the 400xm, what are the differences?

Thanks again for your help

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