Thanks for your reply.

I did try the

gpsd /dev/ttyS2
sleep 3
./cgps | tee/dev/ttyS2

and it seems to be working fine right now! thanks for your help and suggestions.

When I have the gumstix running and cgps is also working and outputting to my RF transmitter (this is when in the hyperterminal I have to type in "ctrl+c" then r"eboot"), I tried to reboot using the reset button on the gumstix board but nothing happened and Hyperterminal stooped responding to any keyboard inputs and I had to unplug the power.

It might have been something that happened then.  I will retry it again tonight ...
I thought there should be a command that I need to assign so that every time the reset button is pressed, it would stop cgps and reboot the gumstix.

your help is greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,