My build environment is supposed to be overo.  Following the 'setting up a build environment' instructions from's documentation, I get a ${HOME}/overo-oe directory tree like your environment does.  I didn't update this, since OVEROTOP should be ok as it is set by default.

When I wanted to rebuild u-boot, I did a "find . -name "overo.h"" in the overo-oe folder and modified the most likely overo.h file I could find.  I believe it happened to be in the overo-oe/tmp/.../build/.../ or similar directory.  My appologies as the build workstation is back at the office.

After modifying it, I did a bitbake u-boot and got the error messages from my above emails about com.gumstix.collection.

On Thu, Dec 24, 2009 at 2:37 AM, Wayne Cannon <> wrote:

I'm new to Gumstix and OpenEmbedded to, but my build/profile sets OVEROTOP,
not GUMSTIXTOP.  I don't know when or where GUMSTIXTOP is set, but after
changing OVEROTOP to match my directory path (it's initially
"${HOME}/overo-oe"), I was able to complete a full build.

coderdrone wrote:
> I actually didn't miss that step.  After appending ~/.bashrc, I can either
> close/reopen the terminal, or source it via $ source ~/.bashrc
> If I echo $GUMSTIXTOP in the terminal, it returns nothing, and there is no
> com.gumstix.collection folder anywhere in the overo-oe tree as far as I
> can
> tell, but if I try to run
> $ bitbake u-boot
> It appears to be trying to build all of my
> ~/overo-oe/user.collection/recipes/ projects into an OS image or
> something?
> This is when it complains about not being able to include
> ${GUMSTIXTOP}/com.gumstix.collection/...path/to/some/file... I can't
> remember the rest, but my dev box is at a remote location right now.
> ...

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