I've recently just gotten started in the world of OpenEmbedded and Gumstix Overo.  I followed the "setting up a build environment" instructions on gumstix.net's documentation section, which created a bitbake environment with an org.openembedded.dev, user.collection, and other directories under overo-oe.  I'm able to create my own recipes under user.collection/recipes and use that to create .ipk packages to install on Gumstix.

However, I'm running into issues when I try to run bitbake on things like, say, u-boot.  I get error messages saying it could not find ${GUMSTIXTOP}/com.gumstix.collection/...  I don't even have a ${GUMSTIXTOP}, or com.gumstix.collection in my configuration.

Is there more to setting up a build environment than just the 'setting up a build environment' section in the documentation?  I saw a wiki page about buildroot, but that seemed like a completely different environment, separate from what goes into overo-oe.

What am I missing?