Aas far as I know you need three files in the vfat partition,

The ramdisk.img is a ramfs filesystem that gets mounted by the kernel (which was extracted from uImage) as /, used in the initial boot and then once everything is ready  the system executes the init file which then mounts the ext2 partition from CF onto a mount point in the ramfs (usually /rfs) and then does a  switch_root to /rfs making that the new /.

As to your observations about the files on the CF, the uimage in /boot is not used, and /var/log is empty because the system creates another tempfs in ram and mounts it under /var/log to save wear and tear on the flash.

gord u

On Wed, May 14, 2008 at 7:56 AM, Scott Lerman <> wrote:
I got the CF card partitioned and unzipped the kernel and rootfs
archives to the two partitions, but as far as I can tell, the gumstix
doesn't finish booting. /var/log on the CF card is empty, so I'm not
sure what would be wrong. I did notice in /boot on the file system
partition that there's a link uImage -> uImage-2.6.21, but that's the
only thing in the directory (there is no uImage-2.6.21 in the
directory). Not sure if that's a problem or not. Any other ideas?

Scott Lerman

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