I'm not sure if this would work or not, but it seems like since you can mount your MMC card you should be able to just move some files onto it and symlink them in the regular flash space to the files on the MMC card. 

So in the case where you want to add something like tinyx to the buildroot but doing so would make the root_fs image to large, I would guess that you would be able to do a build of the buldroot without tinyx, copy that onto the gumstix flash, and boot.  Then you could enable tinyx in the buildroot makefile so that it would compile, etc.  Then you could take just the tinyx binary that you just built and move that to somewhere on your MMC.  Then you could symlink to the tinyx on the MMC from the regular flash. 

Like I said, I have no clue if this will work, but doing something like that might be easier than trying to get the fs to load from the MMC directly???


On 12/28/05, ohm unmongkolthavong <ounmongk@yahoo.com> wrote:
Hi all,

I gained a bit of insight while playing around with
the mmc card and its associated tools in the

However, I am once again at a stopping point. I have
made a ext2 filesystem on the mmc card using mke2fs,
it mounts correctly and right now has a lost+found
directory as opposed to what was on there before. So
all is good up until there.

What I wanted to do now is get Linux on there (mmc
card). I did not find much info except for this tidbit
from the wiki

here's what i think i need to do: (please advise where

1. build whatever source I choose for the pxa2xx
2. load fs image on to the mmc card
3. change kernel arguments to point to the mmc as the
default mount point

As usual, I'll keep searching the wiki and the
archives, but any help would be appreciated. Thanks
again, everyone!


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