On Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 11:30 PM, Feng Qian <feng.qian.webkit@gmail.com> wrote:

I am new to gumstix, and excited to receive my first toy, it is an Overo Earth with a Tobi expansion board.

However, when I follow 'Overo: Setup and Programming' 'Getting Started' instructions, I was only able to use kermit to connect to /dev/ttyUSB0, but not be able to power it on after connecting the power. No boot messages and no extra LED illuminating on the board.

The fact that you can connect to /dev/ttyUSB means that the USB/serial chip is working properly.  That chip is powered by the USB bus power.

The fact that you get no power LED on your Overo means there is an issue with the power supply.  What are you using for a power supply?  If a wall-wart from Gumstix, check to make sure that it takes the proper input voltage for your area of the world.  It should put out 5V - measure with a DVM to make sure!


I did some search and found that an announcement was made from gumstix that: after June 8th, 2009, all Tobi boards are shipped as r2441, but mine is r2411, could this be a problem?

I ordered my components only a few days ago (around June 20th), any help is appreciated.



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