The 1.6mb size I quoted is for microperl with some patches to fix syscalls and environment variables as well as enable package support.  Any packages you use will of course add to this size.


On 5/18/07, Bruce D. Lightner <> wrote:
Jeff Sadowski wrote:
> I'd like the ability to run php or maybe perl scripts.
> Last time I checked perl is huge has anyone used their gumstix with perl or php?
> I'd prefer php because I've had much better luck but perl would be
> able to do what I need to do.

So called "microperl" compiles (stripped) to 1,309,584 bytes for the
gumstix.  That is a version of Perl5 with no "package" support.  Still
pretty big.

However, if you like Perl4 (like I do), then it is only 334,312 bytes
stripped.  If there is any interest, I'll make it available.

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