I've been doing an embedded device with quite extensive CGI (Perl) and Ajax style functionality using the prototype.js library.  I've been using boa and have found it to be quite reliable and functional.  However, it does not do authentication.  You'll need to use something like thttpd (which has the benefit of already being in the buildroot).


On 4/28/07, Chris Elliott <> wrote:
I am going to be implementing some web functionality for a gumstix-based
device.  It will use sessions authenticated with username/password, CGI
scripts and javascript.  I see 4 choices available for the gumstix:
busybox, lighttpd, thttpd and boa.  I would appreciate opinions from
people who have implemented web servers on the gumstix, especially
involving authentication.  It doesn't need great speed, just
functionality.  Thanks.

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