On 2/27/07, Dave Hylands <dhylands@gmail.com> wrote:

I really like the idea of a dipstix. Something that has 0.1" spaced
headers where you can solder in some pins and plug the whole thing
into a solderless breadboard.

I took a close look at this today and see a few issues with the implementation.

My solderless breadboard will accommodate a maximum DIP spacing of .900" .  This allows room to connect one wire per pin -- not ideal, but livable.

The gumstix width is also approximately .9" which brings the possibility of interference between the tops of some of the machine pins and gumstix components.  This is probably fixable with a pair of snips if it turns out to be a problem :-)

The next issue comes from the fact that the board will need to extend beyond the .900" spacing of the machine pins (another .050 or so)  This will encroach on the space for that one wire per pin on the solderless breadboard.  Again, not a deal killer, but probably an annoyance every time you use it.

The final potential issue is the size of the board.  I did a couple of trial layouts.  To get a nice clean 8 mil lines/spaces layout with no vias(!) and 3 mounting holes for the gumstix requires a board size of 1.00 " x 3.75".  The long end of the gumstix will extend about .65" beyond the edge of the board. 

It's also possible to shrink the long dimension down closer to the actual gumstix size by using 6 mil lines/spaces and lots of vias.

Does this still sound like something folks would want?  It's feels kludgey enough that I'm leaning more toward building a 4" x 6"  board with prototyping area plus power input, RS-232, and USB.