On 11/19/05, Michael Petchkovsky <mkpetch@internode.on.net> wrote:

Hi Bas - yeah the screen blanking is a default behaviour and not nice
with LCDs, you can send some control codes to the console to disable.

Check out 'man console_codes' on your linux machine for a full listing
there's heaps you can do.

echo -ne "\033[9;0]\033[14;0]" > /dev/tty0

switches off both screen blanking and VESA powerdown (havn't actually
confirmed that both come into play but no harm disabling both), fixes
the problem you describe. You can put this in a startup script somewhere.

echo -ne "\033[13]" > /dev/tty0    will unblank an already blanked screen
echo -ne "\033c" > /dev/tty0         is handy to clear and reset the screen

you can set text colours and other cool stuff.

You can send the text output of any program to the screen this way

eg   ls /bin > /dev/tty0
       echo -e "Hello\nWorld!" > /dev/tty0
       cat > /dev/tty0

- Michael

Sorry for the late reaction, but thanks a lot for the tips, they work great!