I hope it happens soon, because I'd like to know the location of "card detect" and "write enable" (the switch on mmc card) pins (I have new etherstix, as in netMMC with unpopulated MMC slot and my MMC slot component has these pins in a completely different place). Of course if it were to turn out linux doesn't care for these pins...


On 12/17/05, Don Anderson <don@gumstix.com> wrote:
Hi Dima

Schematic will be published; it inherently 'is' the BOM; we won't be publishing prices, though.


Hi, I couldn't find bill of materials for the gumstix daughter boards on the gumstix.org wiki, so I figured to ask here. (don't know how to ask on wiki anyway)

I'm mostly interested in netmmc parts list, for example I couldn't find the mmc adapter/slot part no. anywhere, and prices for the other parts.

Thanx, dima



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