On Jan 27, 2012, at 2:51 PM, Lou Morda wrote:

Hey guys,

I have a stagecoach with seven overos.  On every stagecoach powerup, at least one overo does not powerup/boot.  The only way to get the overos to powerup/boot correctly is to hit the slot reset button on the stagecoach.  The slot numbers this happens on is random, except that it never happens on slot #0.  I also have to press the reset button multiple times, just pressing it once does not work.  The GPIO21 "Heart Beat" LED for the failed slot is on, dim, and not blinking.  What status are these overos in?  I can't use the mini USB port to debug because this problem never happens with slot #0.  Are they stuck in boot code? Is the kernel failing to load drivers?  Are they not being supplied with enough current?  Please help!!

Are you using wall power?  We see boards not come up or reboot if the power sags.  You might want to put a scope on it and see what's going on with power during boot.

-Louis Morda
 SAIC Computer Scientist
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