I am using an Overo Air on a Tobi board and I would like to change the console from UART3 to UART2. I am running off a micro SD card.


Here is what I have done thus far, which doesn’t work (I still see console text transmitted over Tobi board pin 22, TX3):


1.       Created a patch to change U-Boot to disable Bluetooth and enable UART2, as described by Elvis in http://old.nabble.com/Using-UART-2-on-an-Overo-tt22534595.html#a28479456

2.       Made 2 tweaks in include/configs/omap3_overo.h:

a.       Changed the definition of CONFIG_SYS_NS16550_COM3 to be:


b.      Changed the console line in CONFIG_EXTRA_ENV_SETTINGS to be:



What else do I need to change?

1.       The “select serial console configuration” in omap3_overo.h includes 2 other definitions: CONFIG_CONS_INDEX and CONFIG_SERIAL3; do I need to tweak these?

2.       I am not very familiar with how U-Boot works. Is there some default environment or NAND settings or anything else I need to change or get rid of before this will work? I am running of an SD card.


Your help is much appreciated!




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