What's the best approach for reducing the root file system (.jffs2 image)? I've already stripped the packages I don't need and modules I don't need but its still too big and will likely only get bigger.

I'd like to move some of it over to a secondary flash device (either USB or uSD). I currently have a 2GB USB flash drive that I've been using. Its formatted as ext3 and seems to work fine with the Gumstix.

I'm guessing there must be a way to change the buildroot so that a part of the rootfs could be split into a second image (outside of .jffs2) but I haven't been able to find any discussion on how to do this. Part of /usr would be seem to be a good candidate to place on a secondary device. Is there a standard way to do this sort of thing?

Another approach might be to pull certain packages to a secondary parallel buildroot and cross compile them separately but I'd really rather not take this approach (unless its the only way to get there). Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated.


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