Thanks Akram,


I want to fix it in a car, and since the palo35 device can offer me 3axis acceleration data I want to use Gumstix-Products to get this info and display it at the LG 3.5inch screen.

I haven`t come far, still in analyzing what I need, to get started.


Hardware I am going to use..

2x Overo Fire

1x Screen (LG 3.5 inch Touch Screen)

1x GumStix Palo35

1x GumStix Tobi


So you mean I should use HyperMac Mini 7200mAh External Battery for Apple iPad/iPhone/USB (Black)?

If can give me more tips please feel free to do so, because I am totally confused here.


Thank you-



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Using the thumbo board you can power an Overo COM via USB.  As for a battery with a usb interface, google is your friend.  This one could run thumbo no trouble:


Perhaps you could explain why you need this separate supply?





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Subject: [Gumstix-users] separate power/current supply


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


I need to know if there is a possibility that I can get my power through let’s say a USB Battery? Do you have such items or could you help me here to realize this idea?

Because I need a separate power/current supply.


Thank you!


Jenna Parekkattil