On a Gumstix Overo PALO43, can u-boot in NAND cause not to uncompress the
Linux in a SD card?
I follow the instructions from gumstix.net "Creating a bootable microSD card".
SD boots the PALO43 when uImage is on the SD card (but not when 
MLO and u-boot.bin are on the SD card, like the instructions say): boot starts in 
NAND, then it uncompresses Linux from SD.
I see the log file with a kermit console.
I create a new uImage (with changes to the code in Linux kernel), which I put
on the SD card.
boot starts in NAND once again, it starts to uncompress my modified
Linux and crashes.
As benign as my changes in Linux are, the crash happens.
I wonder if boot in NAND doesn't allow me to change Linux, by checking on
a uImage checksum or size.