I am using the gumstix waysmall 400xm and I have been having some trouble with using the second serial port.  I have the primary serial port connected to my computer to give me feedback.  I have another serial cable attached from the second serial port on the gumstix to another serial device I have been trying to get the gumstix to communicate with.  So far I haven't been able to communicate with the device.  I was originally using /dev/ttyS1 @ 115200 baud but then I found out that the second serial port on the waysmall is a ST-UART port and is mapped to /dev/ttyS2.  I changed the port but I still have no communication.  I'm using code I wrote in python that I know works when I execute it on my laptop with the laptop connected to the device I'm trying to communicate with.  When I execute this code on the gumstix I get a segmentation fault every time my program tries to import the serial module but after a few attempts the segmentation fault doesn't show up and the program begins executing as it normaly would.  Could the problems with the serial module be the problem?  I also noticed the kernel enumerating all the serial ports during boot.  Is it possible that there is something I must do to initialize the second serial port on my waysmall?

- Thanks
Don Ebben

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