From the gumstix (running Angstrom, and bluez 4), I can do hcitool scan and see my laptop.
I can use hcitool cc <bdaddr> or hidd --connect <bdaddr> and the gumstix will then show up in "my bluetooth places"
However, when I go to connect to the serial port, under the gumstix bluetooth place, it prompts me for a security pin (the next button is greyed out until you enter something for a pin)
I've tried a bunch of pins, 1234, 123, 1111, 2222, 0000, 111, 222, 000, but nothing has worked.
According to the angstrom manual, written in Feb 2010 (, you set the pin by entering it into a file called /etc/bluetooth/pin.
I've done that, but still no luck...