Status Update for Verdex Pro  migration to GIT/OE and 2.6.30 kernel
I am still looking for someone to volunteer temporary file web (ftp) hosting of these
patches.  The tar file is > 2MB in size.  My ISP doesn't provide user web hosting
anymore and the "free" ones I know about are quite restrictive with file size etc.

Is there some way I can just send them to someone at Gumstix for posting on their
server?   We probably want to work on getting them officially into OE GIT but first we need
to make it more widely available for testing.

Latest fixes from Joseph (bionicjoe):
- Support for the Netpro-Vx (with Marvell CF8285 module) using Libertas driver
(2.6.30) has now been completed and working and patches/recipe overrides are available.

- Support for the Infineon Bluetooth on the VerdexPro-XM4 COM  using bluez4
  (from Angstrom 2008) has now been completed and working and patches/recipe overrides
  are available.

Since the patches and recipe additions are being done currently in user.collection,
I don't quite know how to do what is being suggested below without messing up integration
with the ongoing overo-oe branch and Sakoman's daily merges into the main OE
branch.   I have attempted to make most of the changes transparent and backwards
compatible if they get merged into mainline but ran into a few issues ....
particularly how to deal with bitbake recipe pulling in OMAP specific
features like LIBGLES which need to be removed for Verdex/PXA based
project.  My current approach overrides the task recipes but I think there must
be a better way.

If someone else volunteers to set a branch for this up in the Gitorius repository and
work our any inconsistencies then I will happily send him/her my patches as
they currently stand.

Volunteers Needed to do this work:
Some functionality is intentionally left out of my patches/recipes currently:
a) updated support for Robostix (for 2.6.30)
b) updated support for Audiostix/GPS Stix (for 2.6.30)
c) updated support (for 2.6.30) for USB gadget and USB client as per the recent
    mailing list thread entitled PXA270 USB Client Working!
    (I haven't integrated that yet to the newer code.  If no one else volunteers to
     do this, I will proceed to do it myself in next few weeks)

Volunteers needed to rework the older kernel based patches for these features so that
they will build and install correctly for 2.6.30 or above.

Especially for Robostix, this seems to be quite a bit of work.

From: PerOlof Bengtsson <>
Sent: Sat, October 17, 2009 5:33:44 PM
Subject: Re: [Gumstix-users] verdex svn staleness


I'd be interested in testing your work on the 2.6.30 kernel.

Couldnl't you publish it as a branch on the overo-oe branch? Name experimental or something until it can be merged. Not that I know the policy or anything for the open-embedded rep., but technically it is possible.


PO Bengtsson
(sent from phone)

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