Please post if it works.. I spent some time on this last spring using the monotone OE repository instead of the snapshot for some newer packages that I needed, but with mixed results.  I found it better to pull in the newer packages I needed and maintain a fork of the gumstix svn.

On Mon, Dec 15, 2008 at 6:50 PM, Philip Balister <> wrote:
roystonvasey wrote:
I'd like to build an Angstrom 2008.1 or newer image for the Verdex-Pro.
Can I use the the the git repository of the Overo? The machine configuration
files for the verdex are in the build enviroment. What other files do I

You should be able to select the appropriate machine file and it should just work. But, I am not certain that it will work that smoothly :) I'd be glad to push updates into the openembedded branch to make gumtix work there also.


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