Thanks for the info; I'll give it a try. I can see how this might explain the 802.11 and ethernet problems but could it also explain the bluetooth problem?

- Mark

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Hi Mark,

> Just received my Gumstix today and I think there may be something wrong with
> the board(s). I have a Verdex Mainboard with Bluetooth, a netwifi-microSD, a
> tweener, and a console VX. The Bluetooth does not appear to work. The 802.11
> doesn't appear to work, and wired ethernet doesn't appear to work. Here's
> what I'm seeing in the bootlog -

> U-Boot 1.2.0 (May 16 2007 - 11:17:32) - PXA270@400 MHz - 1407

> Any ideas? Do I have one or more defective boards? Based on what I've read I
> would expect the kernel to detect Bluetooth, 802.11, and ethernet but that
> doesn't appear to be happening.

The gumstix are being shipped with an image for the netCF board. You
can either grab the latest buildroot, or try a precompiled image I put
together over here::

You'll want the rootfs and uImage files. You'll probably want to
update u-boot as well, if you want to use the microSD card from within
u-boot. Use the u-boot-911x.bin file.

To reflash u-boot, you need to drop into the u-boot GUM> prompt by
pressing a key on the serial console during the 3 second countdown
that happens at boot time. I normally use the serial console and
Y-Modem file transfer:

loady a2000000
crc32 a2000000 $filesize

Verify that crc32 matches crc32 of source u-boot. For the one
mentioned above, the correct CRC is 0x869cea29. if the crc doesn't
match, don't proceed.

protect off 1:0-1
erase 1:0-1
cp.b a2000000 0 $filesize
crc32 0 $filesize

the erase instruction above erases the flash, so if anything happens
(like you lose power) between then and the successful completion of
the cp.b command then your gumstix is bricked.

If the second crc fails, then you'll need to redo things. It's very
important not to poweroff or otherwise reset the processor between the
erase command and a successful crc32 command. You can always
redownload, and reerase.

Once u-boot has been upgraded successfully, then you can do a


and it will reset the processor and run the new u-boot. You should see
the revsion number updated. I normally prefer to use the microSD card
to transfer rootfs and uImage since they're so large.

This page has some more information:

Dave Hylands
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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