Hi Roque,

You can configure GPIO pins for input or output:

Additional useful info can be found here:

If you log into your Overo command line, you can see what GPIOs you have available by running the command:
ls /sys/class/gpio

By using the "edge" property of sysfs GPIOs, you can use poll(), select() or epoll() to efficiently wait for GPIO input events.

The Overo has lots of pins that you can use as GPIOs. The thing is, lots of them are assigned to other functions by default. But, you can change that by adjusting the pin multiplexing ("pin mux") in the kernel and/or U-boot to use them.

Also, if you share more details about your application it would people here to provide useful info.

Best wishes

On 03/18/2014 02:53 PM, Roque Lora wrote:

Good afternoon,

I want to set up a pin of an overo fire as a timer in capture mode but I do not know where to look for this information. I have read a lot of articles and datasheets but it does not work for the distribution that I am using, Linaro (Yocto Project).

Could you help me with this?

Best regards
Roque Lora
Graduate Research Assistant of Electrical Engineering
AggieAir Flying Circus (http://aggieair.usu.edu/)
Utah State University
Logan, UT, USA

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