Hi Airie,

Before going further, may I ask you the steps you followed to include DSP functionality in kernel/filesystem. Also, the steps to port some code to DSP.

Since you have done it recently, I thought these would be fresh in your mind and can be helpful for all of us. The contents on the forum are confusing in some sense or the other.

Thanks in advance.


On 13/03/2014 20:08, Wenjia Zhou wrote:
Hi all,

I am developing a simple framework to load program onto DSP core under Linux. (Not using any TI software packs)
Currently, I am able to run my kernel module and load a LED toggle program to DSP L2RAM and able to see LED blinking. 
But I keep getting kernel warning message : In-band Error seen by IVA_SS  at address 0. If I stop the DSP then it stops.
My guess is some configuration for L3 firewall caused this. Anyone has an idea on how to fix this? Or where can I find the initial configuration for L3 firewall from OMAP3.5 kernel source?

Thanks a lot !
Airie Zhou

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