I got one of these earlier this week and had the same problem except that the driver source was missing.  Both the US distributor and e-con systems support were helpful, and the full distribution tar file that includes the driver source is now available in the software directory under:


It has some bugs in it and needs some __init/__exit changes for newer kernels but in an preliminary test I was able to update it to work with the 3.5 kernel.  For the particular problem you describe, my solution was to remove the mt9v032 support from the overo board file and defconfig so that driver isn't built/loaded, then if necessary unload the omap3_isp module manually before loading v4l2_driver.ko.

It seems this driver follows the old (2.6.x era) Caspa approach of controlling the ISP flow internally rather than leveraging the kernel media infrastructure to make it externally configurable.  It would take some work to integrate cleanly with the existing Caspa/MT9V032 support on the Gumstix platform and with newer V4L2/OMAP3ISP infrastructure.


On 08/13/2013 09:49 PM, 雷昊 wrote:
v4l2_driver.ko maybe include isp driver,I can see isp related functions in it.

On Thu, Aug 1, 2013 at 12:33 AM, Paul Butler <butler.paul@gmail.com> wrote:
Please excuse the noob question. I'm just getting started.

I have an AirSTORM COM and e-CAM56 37x GSTIX camera board. The
instructions for building the kernel that came with the camera seem
old and the binary driver is for an omap-3.2 kernel build. I added the
kernel patch and everything built fine, but my rootfs is from yocto
build ( danny branch ) and it also built a 3.5 kernel for the overo. I
didn't find a rootfs download image for the 3.2?  Anyone know what
rootfs I need? Sakoman? The 3.2 kernel and modules mixed with the
newer rootfs doesn't work.... (might if I wanted to dig deeper into
the errors)

I then got the source for the camera driver and got it to build with
the 3.5 kernel in my yocto build. The kernel patch applied cleanly as
well to omap-3.5 branch, but trying to load the v4l2_driver.ko fails,
complaining about the omap3isp driver in that is already loaded.  Can
someone point me to a matching kernel/rootfs combination? Or offer
some advice on how to resolve my mismatch?  Do I even need the camera
driver with the 3.5 rootfs?  Will omap3isp driver work with this


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