The steps I take to set up a new OpenEmbedded environment and build the angstrom 3.2 image are:

mkdir -p ~/overo-oe
cd ~/overo-oe
git clone git://
git checkout --track -b overo-2011.03 origin/overo-2011.03
cd ~/overo-oe
git clone git:// bitbake
cd bitbake
git checkout 1.12.0
cd ~/overo-oe
cp -r .
edit ~/overo-oe/ and change SRC_URI to "git://;branch=omap-3.2;protocol=git"
bitbake omap3-console-image
bitbake x-load
bitbake u-boot

Of course swap out omap3-console-image with whatever image you want to build.  These steps are almost verbatim what used to be at:

But that page has since been removed.


On 08/11/2013 06:45 AM, Yonatan Broza wrote:

I'd like to build the latest stable Overo Angstrom Gumstix image (or at least kernel+modules) available on the gumstix website at:

Where could I get the sources and how do I build it?


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