Hi all!

Recently I'm was having big trouble with one of my DuoVero (crystal + parlor). It suddenly freezes and will not react at all, neither the console nor the remote network connection. This happens mostly after a short period of time.
It also happens during booting, where the boot process will just freeze or start again from scratch. From time to time I get to see these repeating message:
U-Boot SPL 2012.10-00007-g2d44b29-dirty (Dec 12 2012 - 01:56:36)
OMAP4430 ES2.3
SDRAM: identified size not same as expected size identified: 0 expected: 80000000
Luckily I've two parlor + duovero crystal combos and figured out that this problem can be narrowed down to the parlor board (WO28693 201244 BRD40002-R3902). I was rather expecting the COM board to cause this issue... But when I only swap parlor boards, it seems to work.
Has anybody experienced that before?