Actually, i'm not using directly vwdial as i pilot my modem by myself with ATs command to receive SMS and launch the ppp daemon manually. But you can cross compile wvdial, and use it directly on target. Since October, wvdial receipe is available on openemebbeded so it should be easy to try. (If you have more question about the process, send me PM, you'll have quicker answers)
I'm not using the same modem model, and with rezero, my modem is now in tty mode each time i connect it to my computer. But i notice that it depends on the version firmware flashed on the modem (had some problem with branded operator modems - same model).
If you could get work it on computer, it should be ok to get it work on target.
On Wed, Dec 3, 2008 at 12:09 PM, kaysee <> wrote:

Sébastien - would you have compiled binaries for wvdial and usb_modeswitch -
I cannot find ARM versions anywhere, and I'm struggling to get my
development system to build from source.

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