Hi Dan

I've been using UBIFS for the NAND root filesystem for the past 2-3 years. It seems to tolerate hard shutdowns quite, as I've never had a Gumstix become unbootable even after hundreds of shutdowns.

More info on UBIFS:

Some links explaining how to use a UBIFS image with Gumstix:

After you build an image using OE (e.g. running "bitbake omap3-console image") you should find a .ubi file in your images output folder. This is what you would write onto your rootfs NAND partition.

Hope this helps get you started


On 12-10-02 05:40 AM, Dan Nelson wrote:

Given that gumstix is used in embedded applications, I’m wonder what people do to manage a graceful Linux shutdown?  Or is it just power off?



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