Hi there,

I'm trying to connect a ADC (http://www.analog.com/en/prod/0,,AD7706,00.html) on to the breakout-gs board via the SPI. I've made the following physical connections Breakout -> ADC:

LDD0      -> C/S
MOSI      -> DIN
MISO      -> DOUT

1. I've followed an example as shown in http://docwiki.gumstix.org/Sample_code/C/SPI. But I could not get it to work. Do I have to modify any of the registers?

2. Using /usr/local/pxaregs:
Can I use pxaregs to configure the registers? I suppose I need to include this: http://docwiki.gumstix.org/Pxaregs for the NSSP to work? I'm looking at the example (http://docwiki.gumstix.org/Display). But I've difficulty interpreting the last number in each pxaregs command. Any advice? I understand from the forum that some people do the register modification in uboot, without going into the details. Anyone willing to share with me?

3. Using /proc/gpio:
Can I use the following commands to set/clear the LDDO signal?

echo "GPIO out set" > /proc/gpio/GPIO58
echo "GPIO out clear" > /proc/gpio/GPIO58

But when I checked the voltage in LDD0, it does not toggle between 0 and 3.3V on the breakout. No error on the screen. Any idea?