How much space do you have for the computer bits?  Given your needs, a Pico-ITX board might be more suitable if it fits into the enclosure.

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Hello there!

As the topic states, I'm a newbie to using Gumstix computers and have some

I'm looking at building a small computer for my son (housed inside of a
model, so space is at a premium), and think a gumstix based computer will do
the trick. Ultimately, he'd be using it for internet surfing, email and
school work. Or at least, those are the uses I want him using it for...
Obviously, this is going to take a fair amount of time to get running
correctly. I'm looking at giving this to him for an Xmas gift this year.
But, if I can get it done sooner, that's all good, too!:)

The combination I am looking at is:
1) verdex-XL6P - the performance improvements will go a long way towards
keeping him using this computer.
2) audiostix-2 - audio for the obvious reasons, potential for an LCD display
with some DIY work, and USB hosting. I currently plan to disassemble a USB
hub to provide extra USB ports to this computer.
3) wifistix-CF (FCC version) - CF device for extra space (I've got a few CF
drives on hand), coupled with wifi to let him connect to a router.

As I expect to be fiddling with this for a while getting it to work
correctly, and playing with it, I will initially house it inside an Altoids
tin so I can easily take it apart and get myself into trouble!:)

My apologies if any of my questions were asked before:
1) What versions of LINUX would you recommend be installed on this platform
that would be reasonably useful to a 7+ yr old who has been using Windows
2) How do I go about installing this OS onto a gumstix? While I've used
LINUX a bit, I've zero experience compiling it. I've been using Ubuntu or
Sabayon lately...
3) The USB host. Is it able to support a "standard" USB LCD display, say a
17" display?
4) Same question for USB drives (optical or hard drive), keyboard/mouse...
5) Has anyone had any luck adding a USB hub onto this? Does the system
provide enough power to support a hub with out extra power supplies, or will
I have to cobble something together?
6) Booting, can the system be booted using an OS on a CF drive?
7) the verdex-XL6P provides USB host signals. Can these be "tapped" to
provide another USB port? Or are they only available via an expansion board?
8) Power, has anyone had any luck setting this up to run off rechargable
AA's? I will probably have room left over in the base of the model, was
thinking it could come in handy for a low-power, inexpensive UPS unit for
this... Plus, it'd provide some handy counter-weight... How long could such
a setup run?

Thank you,
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