Hi Chad,
Thanks for the info. I see the MIC signals dpcumented for the main connector and the pass-through to the extra flex connector. 

On 1/19/07, Chad Robinson <crj@lucubration.com> wrote:
Robert Norman wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to integrate a Sony ACX705AKM lcd display following
> suggestions here and on the wiki. The device that just came in from
> earthlcd has a small flex cable with an odd termination on the side of
> the LCD that is not documented in the Sony PDF file for that display.
> I'm guessing that it may be a touch screen but support at earthlcd has
> no information about the connector.
> Anyone know about this connector?
>   What is it?
>   What's the pinout?
>   Any matching connectors available?

Are you talking about the tiny two-pad bit that sticks out the
lower-right side? This screen was designed for a PDA, and that's for a
microphone. If you trace the wires they're just pass-throughs to two
pins on the FFC connector. There are mini microphones for which that pad
spacing would be just perfect.

Since they're just pass-throughs you could probably run whatever you
wanted on the wire. I wouldn't run a high-frequency signal this close to
the LCD since it sits right against the electronics board, but most
other things would be fine. A touch screen, though, no, it's only two
wires and I don't know of any that don't require at least 4.

If we're talking about the same thing, this is documented in the spec
sheet on pages 4 and 5. You'll see two lines labeled MIC1/MIC2 that pass
straight through the LCD with no connections. Page 5 shows that they're
connected back to pins 1 and 2 of the FFC connector. I don't intend to
use mine, so I just clipped it off.


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