You've saved me from a lot of head scratching.  I searched in vain for the relevant pins on the breakout cause I have R277!   The connector pins are labeled:
Pin        R277        R 901
22         TDO        BT_RXD
24         TDI          BT_CTS
25         TMS        BT_TXD
27         TCK        BT_RTS

My tweener board also has the JTAG (TDO,TDI,etc) labeling.
JTAG and BTUART are different pins on the processor so.
Does this mean that the BTconnex brings out JTAG and the non-BT boards
bring out the BT pins? 
This gives me something to play with. I'll let you know...

> You're going to have to wire to the connector pins 22, 24, 25, and 27,
> or do a new board.

I think it may depend on which version of breakout-gs is being used.

It appears from the schematics that revision 901 of the breakout-gs
brings out the BT port. The revision 277 board (which is what I have)
doesn't bring out the BT pins.

Dave Hylands
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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