Hi all,

I have a couple of questions about I2C.  I've hooked up a Maxim MAX1039 A-D convertor to the gumstix.  Attached to the ADC is an analogue accelerometer with 3 outputs.  The ADC is showing up on the I2C bus at address 0x68, which sounds promising as Dave Hylands' latest wiki page describes his DS1307 module showing up at the same address.

All I want to be able to do is to read the 3 inputs to the ADC individually.  I've had a look at the I2C specification and the ADC datasheet and I'm a bit unsure where to start.  How deep into the bit-level protocol will I need to go?  Does the gumstix already deal with the START, ACK, NACK and STOP bits or do I need to go the whole hog?  As an alternative, can the GPOI pins on the gumstix deal with anaolgue input?

I'm a beginner with a project deadline coming at me rather fast, so any and all help will be very much appreciated.