3min boot time... ugh, I feel for ya!

I've gotten down to anywhere from ~18sec down to ~7sec, depending on what needs to be enabled at boot (wifi, usb, etc).

The biggest initial impact to boot time for me was been switching to ubifs from jffs2 and mdev from udev.  Also, the latest uboot and MLO (x-loader) are very fast at transferring data from nand flash- I grabbed v2012-04-01 of u-boot from Linaro. 

Other things to consider:


On 06/22/2012 12:06 PM, pjw8811 wrote:
I am new to gumstix and linux but i learned a lot by playing with gumstix.
all i need for my gumstix project are wifi, usb otg as pheripheral and
Everything is working but boot up time is just too slow and i think
libertas_sdio and udev is taking lot of time.
Currently, it takes about 3min to see wifi blue wifi led blinking from power
I am using Overo air with tobi but eventaully will move to pinto-th. 
Kernel I am using is 3.0.0 + from sakoman and didn't change anything in
.config file except usb otg.
Any suggestion would be helpful.(what drivers i can remove from .config and
scripts from rc#.d) 
below is a list of modules that i am using
g_ether                35520  0
libertas_sdio          20338  1
libertas               92190  1 libertas_sdio
cfg80211              161771  1 libertas
lib80211                5435  1 libertas

more questions...
I also tried to change .config file to remove some services that i can
recognize and don't use, but again, kernel spends lot of time after this
"libertas_sdio: Copyright Pierre Ossman"

and sometime, with reduced kernel, i get invalid format error when inserting
module. I think either i messed up .config file or some step is missing. Do
i have to compile modules every time i rebuild kernel by "#make modules" and
"#make modules_install? then above modules are all i have to compile? it
seems i can change that in "modules.builtin." am i correct?
Thanks for reading this message.


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