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I am having a hard time here; I have used a 8G Verbatim SD Card for the pre-built images as suggested but still having the same scenario!

I have attached here the screen shot while booting with and without the SD Card.

Please may you send me your own MLO file? and also you mentioned: "I normally download the 2011 image..do a nand reset with it"; I tried to do the same by breaking while booting with the SD Card then performed the "overo# nand erase 240000 20000 then overo# reset "but did not succeed to boot. They also said: "To make additional changes to the environment, break into u-boot again, make the changes and type 'saveenv' to save. This also eliminates the "*** Warning - bad CRC or NAND, using default environment" I could not figure out how to make additional change.

I'm not sure if I am doing things the right way when it comes to booting the COM since my booting process keeps on looping indefinitely!!!!!

In the Kermit setup section, it is noted that: "Note: If you see the boot messages, but are unable to enter the login info, it is very likely that you neglected to disable hardware flow control in your terminal emulator setup"; this is exactly what is happening!! since I am unable to enter login info due to the boot messages that keep on displaying.

May someone help to disable the hardware flow control in the terminal emulator setup? this might fix the problem I guess.

Thanks to all,

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they might be? The 2011 folders I would expect to possibility be 3.0... on your post above with your mlo,u-boot etc files they look correct but that doesn't mean they will work...one thing I've had a hard time with is making my own MLO file...i can bitbake one but getting it to work..not..I normally download the 2011 image..do a nand reset with it..then delete the u-boot and uImage off the boot section and replace it with my own..keeping the mlo since from what i've read is that file doesn't change much..seems to work.then i replace the rootfs with my own image..

I hope you are changing the names of those files when you put them on your card..also I have heard people have had issues using large sd cards..maybe try the 8gb or maybe get a 4gb...I use a 8 gb and have had pretty good success. but there are threads talking about sd card failures so you might have a bad card..

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For kermit sounds like you are not entering it how the wiki states. I just copied the wiki to the letter instead of using my .ckermitrc file and the steps in the wiki work. I think you are getting ahead of yourself and trying to solve to many things at once. Someone else sending you the files that you can DL will not help you if you are not copying and setting things up properly. It is a pain and takes many tries to get the hang of things. Delete the contents of your card start fresh go slow and breath :p Do not worry about your NAND at this point only worry about getting a card to boot properly with prebuilt images. Then move on from that point.