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I do it using an SFTP client, such as FileZilla, and connecting to the Gumstix IP address. The default login is "root" with no password, just as for the serial console.

The pre-built Gumstix images have the SSH server running by default.
All you have to know is the IP address of your Gumstix.


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I have searched the archives looking for an answer to this but have not found one. (may be my nubeness).


Is there a way to view the gumstix file system (or even just a specific folder) from Windows Explorer over a network.


I have an OveroFE mounted to a Tobi expansion board. The Tobi is connected our network via the Ethernet connection and I am able to browse the internet. So I assume that things on the Gumstix are working properly.


I am just wondering what I need to do to be able to pull files from the gumstix over to a Windows machine. Ideally this would just be through Windows Explorer rather than an FTP client or something like that.






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