yes, it does come with the 2  70-pin connectors to place any over CoM,
including the Earth, and it also has a 60-pin header

take a look at the specs and pictures:

ah! are you asking if it does have the 60-pin connector soldered
to the board already? nop, it doesn't, it just has the holes to solder
it (or solder cables if you prefer). And the two 30-pin headers
are not one next to the other. You can see all this in the pictures


On 07/08/2011 03:32 PM, Mako Nagata wrote:

-          Does it work with Overo Earth COM?

-          Does it have a 70-pin connector (female) to connect with Overo Earth COM?

-          Does it come with a 60-pin header (30-pin x 2, 0.1”/2.54mm pitch, uninstalled)?