On 28/06/2011 12:08 PM, William Pretty Security Inc wrote:

Well, after half a day of Google, I managed to figure out how to build various  rev’s of Kernel.


By adding            PERFERRED_VERSION_linux-omap3 = “2.6.32”

To:  “overo.conf”


Unfortunately I still have the ifconfig problem and the “install –d command not found” problems L


But at least I now know how to build Kernels …


Any thoughts or suggestions ??




For ifconfig problem  have you tried  renaming 

then rebooting ?

Do you really need 2.6.32 ?

Have most of what you are using , running nicely on a custom recipe on 2.6.36 (console + extra libraries)

Can post the recipe if you want (think I have once before). It still requires you to manually download and build aircrack 1.0.

old version of it at http://www.alexthegeek.com/omap/overo/recipes/crin.bb
I'd suggext removing x264 , ffmpeg and dropbear also python and perl if you don't need them
and modify the firmware section for the wifi devices you are using.

Might be worth it for you to get someone to build your image for you.
Probably more than a few of us on this list happy to do that for a reasonable fee.


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