On 27/04/2011 4:51 AM, J. L. wrote:
When are we going to be getting some new overo's with more updated chipsets? Like even the A9 or A15, or just something more powerful? Is it even in the works?

Thanks for any info

Their roadmap seems to point to the dm3730.


Be interesting to see the availability of the Integra/sitara chips as these
would be a good match for gumstix

Fastest of those is A8 single core at 1.5GHz

For ground use you could use a pandaboard, bit large for your mobile use.
Availability is supposed to be a lot better now.
Software for ansgrtom download the script from  http://gitorious.org/angstrom/angstrom-setup-scripts
The mailing list isn't as friendly or helpful as here

brief instructions to build an image
gumstix oe doesn't play nicely with angstrom oe in the same account, suggest using another account on the same machine.
Just share the sources directory.
Angstrom oe , makes it a lot easier to have multiple temp directories


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