Hi Erik,
I had this problem also. You need to go into your VMWare settings for the serial port and there is a check box which yeilds the CPU on polling or some such. Check that, and you should then be able to flash using kermit.

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Subject: [Gumstix-users] Communicating with Gumstix

I don’t know why this seems to be such a moving target, but here we go. The Buildroot has been downloaded, and configured for I2C communications within my Ubuntu VMWare environment. I have been able to communicate with my Gumstix via USBNet within my VMWare system using SSH. I can also communicate with the Gum using Hyperterm on my windows host system. But, for some lame fracking reason, I cant communicate with my Gum using ckermit (Hence cant update the file system and such). Here are my settings in my .kermrc file:

set line /dev/ttyS1

set flow-control none

set carrier-watch off

set speed 115200

set reliable


set parity none


set prefixing all

set file type bin

set rec pack 4096

set send pack 4096

set window 5



I have tried /dev/ttyUSB0 along with ttyS1 – ttyS4 with similar results…. Nothing.