Why not have the fet in front of the regulator so you only power the reg when its needed. ?
If you aren't powering the rest of the gumstix from it unless you need the usb powered all the time.

The LP3873/LP3876 (LP3873ET-5.0) are nice http://www.national.com/ds/LP/LP3873.pdf
and having a shutdown/enable pin is handy


On 28/01/2011 5:28 AM, William Pretty Security Inc wrote:

First of all I’m more of a hardware person, so my solutions tend to be hardware based J


That being said, here is my proposed solution:


In the attached schematic, you use the +5V from the USB input connector as a logic signal to turn on the FET.

Because FET’s are voltage controlled devices, it takes very little current to turn them on J


If you use a high current FET and a high current supply you could supply AMPS to the USB device JJJ


What do you guys think ??



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