On 9/12/2010 2:11 AM, Darren wrote:
the omap3-console-image and it's fetching stuff like gtk, which didn't seem 
necessary for a non X11 build.  I'm also not terribly interested that the 
embedded image has stuff like man, help, etc.  Is there any way to easily cut 

Yes make your own custom image recipe

quick example below
(may want to switch to minimal image as the depends)

put it in

check what packages / base tasks you need via the package browser

If you are using other similar boards (beagle , panda etc)
you may want to use the angstrom/oe version rather than gumstix version
as they can build for multiple boards from the one toolchain and
Koens latest setup script is a bit easier than setting up gumstix tools.
see http://www.angstrom-distribution.org/simplified-development-setup
and their online builder is good if you need a new image to test with in a hurry

#starts here

inherit image

DEPENDS ="task-base"

   task-base  \

#depends on what you need i.e wireless etc
  linux-firmware \
  libertas-sd-firmware \

  bash  \
  busybox  \
  bzip2  \
  curl  \
  devmem2  \
  i2c-tools  \
  iw  \
  sudo \
  tar  \
  vim  \
  wget  \
  wireless-tools \


IMAGE_PREPROCESS_COMMAND = "create_etc_timestamp"

ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND += '${@base_conditional("DISTRO_TYPE", "release", "zap_root_password; ",  " ", d)}'

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