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Alex, that's assuming he's got a HDMI input... as the expansion board only supports DVI-D (HDMI) which is digital.  VGA, etc. is analog.  Sure, it only takes a few resistors to make a cheap D/A for VGA but there aren't any drivers and no support built in.  Even the Parallax Propeller can do VGA or composite (can't do HDMI) but it is a shame that there is no support (on any of the expansion boards) for VGA.  So, it's either HDMI (try finding a 7 or 8" HDMI monitor) or LCD.  Why is it everyone has forgotten VGA/SVGA?  It goes from LCD straight to HDMI and a HDMI (DVI-D) to VGA converter is $$$ and HUGE (size) compared to the Gumstix.  What happened?
You state, "overo with tobi expansion will do vga/svga via a hdmi connector" but where is that connector?  Are you forgetting you're going from DVI-D to an analog signal?

Could be more than just a few resistors, it depends on the chip video output and the number of colours needed in the output.
I keep an old lcd for  fpga projects http://www.fpga4fun.com/PongGame.html  , http://www.fpgaarcade.com/games.htm
but  replacing it with an adapter cable(much nicer to run on a 24inch monitor than a 15").

No not forgetting.
The hdmi(dvid) to vga converters range from around $70 to $200 depending on brand and quality
unfortunately the choice is either one of the cables or a newer monitor.

I thinks its more a matter of space , can fit 2 -4 hdmi/mini display port connectors in the same space as a vga connector
more if you use the vertical versions and whats the easiest (least number of chips) to do the outputs.
Also vga is on the way out , not so easy to find a monitor with vga input.

The next gen Dell monitors are supposedly dropping even the dvi connectors.
Some of the new desktops have the option for mini display port (not just macs)  , the dell on my desk here uses display port.

The other option is to go for something like one of the marvell openrd boxes that has vga output
http://open-rd.org/    No idea what the software is like.
So a media player the sata onboard and e-sata would be handy for hard drives.

I'm tempted to try one of the guruplugs myself (well if I had the time)

Main downside of both is the complete lack of gpio's.
Its always a trade off for the features you need.

or to go for hdmi to component output - again not cheap.


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